How can I debug the Exchange Plug-in

How can I debug the Exchange Plug-in

When you start to work with the Exchange and/or ExchangeWS Plug-in it is good to have additional information about what you are doing.

Or you need to debug an issue and JEC or IT2BE ask you for additional information.

When this is the case please follow the below instructions for changing the properties file.

1. Close Servoy (very important otherwise your changes will not be used and overwritten).

2. Locate the '' file.

3. Open the file.

4. Move to the lines that start with 'log4j.'.

5. Insert the below lines:


log4j.category.jec.utils.AppLogger=DEBUG, stdout 



6. Change the line 'log4j.debug=false' into 'log4j.debug=true'.

7. Restart Servoy

This should give you much more output in the log file than you had before.

Don't forget to at least change back 'log4j.debug=true' into 'log4j.debug=false' or you will have too much logging output.