I need your Calendar Bean in a Web solution

I need your Calendar Bean in a Web solution

This is one of our 'most wanted' and most requested features for the Calendar Bean.

Unfortunately we have found no JQuery component (yet) that does anything close to the MIG libraries.

The only thing we found is the Full Calendar but, as said, it does not provide much functionality when compared to what we already have to offer.

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    • Why do we need to buy the MiG libraries separately?

      The MiG libraries are so called 'developer libraries'. When we ship them with our Calendar bean they are completely 'open' and you can use them for other projects without the need to use the Calendar bean. It is for that reason that we agreed with ...
    • What license(s) do I need to deploy the Gantt Bean?

      When you want to work with our Gantt Bean you need the following licenses: A Site license for our Gantt Bean (wrapper). - With a Site license you are allowed to develop and deploy the Bean with an unlimited number of developers and to an unlimited ...
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    • What do I need to do to obtain a license for the MiG libraries?

      Unfortunately it is not (yet) possible to get a license for the MiG libraries via our shop. To buy a license you have to navigate to the MiG Calendar Store and make your selection.
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      This has nothing to do with our trial license but the trial license supplied by MiG. Without a license key the MiG libraries are in trial mode and work only for a certain amount of time after startup. When you need to work longer you can copy/past a ...