Where can I get the latest version of your plugins?

Where can I get the latest version of your plugins?

You can use the Components Manager for that (When you do not yet have it installed you can download it here).

It is best that you read the manual to find out more about all the options.

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      When you do not know the exchange ID of an existing mail (or any other Exchange Item) you can retrieve a set of items and iterate over them. You can validate the property of your choice against the value you have and, when they are the same, you can ...
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      When you bought one Server license, you are limited to the use of the Exchange Plug-in for only one server (see article 'What is a Server license'). As a result, you can not simply move the server license to another domain name or IP address. You ...
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      - Emails are supported (including getting attachments, send with attachments and save draft); - Events are fully supported; - Contacts Get, Add, Edit, Delete, Filter and Public folders.                                   - Tasks are fully supported.   ...
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      Unfortunately it is not (yet) possible to get a license for the MiG libraries via our shop. To buy a license you have to navigate to the MiG Calendar Store and make your selection.