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            The (Smart) client does not work with your Components included!

            Please read the servoy log files and/or console information first to find out what could have caused this issue.

            There are 2 common situations:

            Servoy complains about a missing license for one or more of our Components.

            Chances are that you forgot to add the (correct) the license string to your solution. 

            It is best that you add it to your startup method.

            You can find the license file(s) attached to the license email that you received after requesting your license(s). 

            Please read the article 'Where do I apply for a Trial license?' when you have not yet done that and need a trial license.

            When you need a Commercial license please go the product pages of the Component of your choice and select the tab 'Buy Now'.

            Servoy complains about a missing class.

            When Servoy or (one of) our Components is updated on the server it sometimes happens that old libraries/files are still available in cache.

            When this happens the client is prevented from downloading the new libraries/files.

            We suggest that you follow our '2,3 or 4 steps' plan:

            1. empty the clients Java Web Start Cache

            2. empty the clients browser cache

            3. optionally restart the clients system

            4. as a last possible solution you can empty the contents of ${servoy root}/server/depends on servoy version/plugins/* and ../beans/*

            Updated: 05 Feb 2018 11:02 AM
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